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The story emerges from the science of the day in the 1800s and brings us to astro-science today as we leave behind the first decade of the 21st century. It presents a summary of what we are currently told, regarding the workings of our universe, then goes on to list the major controversial aspects of that story.

Described then is the background to how today’s astro-science has evolved under the influence of what some would say are the less desirable but understandable aspects of human nature. Thoughts are also offered on how this may have come about and why the situation remains unchanged today.

Next, we go into some detail on major questions regarding the theories and deductions currently supported by today’s astro-science. These cover the well-known and thorny areas of black holes, dark matter, dark energy, neutron stars, quasars and more. I then go on to outline the major problems these aspects of theory now face through the ever increasing number of relevantly probing questions about them; questions which the Standard Model of the Universe seems unable to adequately answer.

I prepare then for the rest of the book through a review of some basic science and electrical engineering theories, this being a reminder that should, for some, help with getting to grips with the basics of the electrical and plasma theories described in the rest of the book.

I then expand on the background to all of this by highlighting the significant and honourable ‘other scientists’ and their work, these being just some of the important characters associated with the electrical and plasma theories that underpin the Electric Model of the Universe. Even today, the work of these and other people, is often suppressed, ignored, and occasionally attacked by the self-assured and self-serving science establishment.

I then consider from the electric model perspective, the structures and objects that exist and events that take place throughout our universe, while looking in detail at the answers that model offers to address the difficult questions previously raised. We also explore the electric model as a more common sense and logical basis on which to understand what we actually observe and detect these days in space, through our earth-based observatories and space-based satellite instrumentation. The big picture being formed is breathtaking.

Serious questions exist, however, as to why today's astro-science establishment has such a preoccupation with, proven to be, highly questionable theories. This is a puzzle that is profound in itself, for why should those questions be kept in the shadows where they do not receive a fair and balanced public airing? It seems that today's astro-science establishment would prefer that the public is not made aware of these game-changing questions. I attempt throughout the book to share some of my frustration around this by posing these general questions …

Why has this situation come about and why are we justified in being suspicious of information coming from today's astro-science establishment?

Why are the self-serving motivations of some, being allowed to support a story about our universe that is not in line with observed reality or experience from experimentation?

Why do we not honour the people who have devoted their lives in alternative ways to scientific progress through their productive work in non-mainstream, but nevertheless very meaningful areas of scientific research?

Why do we continue to teach our children so-called 'science facts', which in truth are only credibility-stretching ideas and theories, and where some of these have been shown without question to be plainly

Why do we continue to bestow honours and vast amounts of funding on people who put their time into complex speculative work that is based on discredited theories and which achieves absolutely nothing in terms of practical steps forward in real science research?

Why do we never hear about the scientists and research workers who continue daily to work on 'science with substance', but who are forced to work in the shadows with no funding, other than from their personal resources and families?

Why do we fail to see through mathematical smoke screens and theoretical nonsense to appreciate the much simpler common sense explanations that exist in front of our eyes?

Why does the public not pay more attention to these important things and what should we be doing about it?



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