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Tom Findlay

I have no academic achievements to parade for anyone to inspect. Through my career, however, I have knowledge and experience of electrical, electronic and computer engineering, and radio communications, plus I believe, a measure of common sense and an ability to think logically.

Ironically, perhaps, the absence of an academic moulding may have left me with an ability to more easily fit in place, some of the clues we are exposed to today as our awareness of the world and the universe develops. Technical hobbies and group projects of a practical nature have always been more to my taste than involvement with large crowds or a need to maintain a physical competitive edge. One such area of interest gripped me strongly when I was very young, this being the subject of astronomy. I remember hearing the comments my father would make as he gave his opinion back to our black and white TV set when Patrick Moore (eventually to become Sir Patrick) of ‘The Sky at Night’ programme fame, here in the UK, was explaining, from his own viewpoint, the objects and events we were beginning to observe in those days, in the heavens above us.

Since then, a lack of funds and cold and cloudy nights here in Scotland have steered my interest in astronomy towards the mental challenge of understanding what I can about the workings of our universe. Looking back, this could be considered the low-cost option, because learning from the work of others through books and other sources, does not necessarily come with the additional expense of buying equipment.

This change of emphasis was also the start of my journey into cosmology, physics and some other related areas. As an overall period of learning, this was ultimately to unfold in ways I could never have predicted. So began the journey which has now led me to the realisation that there is a very big and very important story to be told about our universe, one that we still are not clear about or agreed upon, and that if we are to advance our knowledge through better ways of doing science, then there are some fundamental changes that need to be made.

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