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Austrailian Flag Wallace Thornhill, lead author and researcher of “The Electric Universe

"Tom Findlay's book is a remarkable contribution from a newcomer to the Electric Universe. He shows the impact that this new and simpler way of seeing the universe can have on a practical man with a keen interest in astronomy. "A Beginner's View" is easy to read and copiously illustrated. Tom makes a heartfelt plea for individuals to participate in science once more; to use their intuition and common-sense to question the science fiction headlines and gross expenditure on massive projects. After all, history shows most great breakthroughs are made by individuals, most of them outsiders."

U.S.A. Flag Meldon Acheson

“Newcomers to the idea of electricity in space are apt to find even the possibility of electrical explanations for cosmic phenomena to be unfamiliar and therefore startling. This book provides a comfortable transition from familiar gravity-based explanations to a basic understanding of plasma behavior and its manifestations in stars and galaxies. The book will ease the surprise and enable the reader to better understand the more technical publications in this new way of thinking about the universe.”

British Flag Dr Jeremy Dunning-Davies, Hull University Physics Department (retired) and author of “Exploding a Myth

“One of the biggest challenges facing modern science is ensuring that the members of the general public fully understand what has been achieved in all areas of science and what is proposed for future research. This is vital because it is that public which eventually pays the bill for the 'games scientists play'. The advocates of certain theories have been eminently successful in this enterprise but the end result has been that the public has been left woefully ignorant of many of the very real controversies existing. This is especially true in the general area of astronomy/astrophysics. For a great many years now, that general area has been dominated by theories which elevate the force of gravity to a dominant position, while ignoring the possible effects of the much much stronger electromagnetic force. Workers in the field covered by the names plasma cosmology and electric universe have attempted to rectify this position. However, most of the existing material in this area is hardly in a form for consumption by the general public. This present book by Tom Findlay, “A Beginner’s View of Our Electric Universe”, is an excellent attempt to rectify this situation. In it, readers will find explanations for a great number of astrophysical phenomena in terms of electric universe ideas; some even clear up situations not understood on the basis of currently accepted conventional wisdom. Although in a sense a 'popular' science book, this book will require the reader to concentrate if a real understanding is the requirement but that concentration will be very well rewarded at the end and the reader will realise just how much more there is to learn about our solar system, our galaxy and even our universe than is portrayed in present 'pop-science' books in the area. I urge all to read this book, digest its contents and finish with a fuller, more complete understanding of our wonderful universe that will open the door for delving deeper into the greater technical detail available in books and on websites published and maintained by the researchers at the core of this topic.”

U.S.A. Flag Jim Johnson - Electric Universe researcher and editor of "The Essential Guide to the Electric Universe".

"Reading this book left me with the impression that it could be considered encyclopedic in its breadth of description of the elements of science and observation that are basic to the Electric Universe paradigm. By addressing the most interesting and provocative detail of the Electric Universe model, this book covers the bases that lead to the more technical "Essential Guide to the Electric Universe". If this straightforward read doesn't get lay people as well as astronomers and astro-scientists to thinking about what today's observations might really mean, and how to effectively incorporate better explanations into the fabric of the science being taught to our students all over the world, then it's hard to imagine what will. The illustrations spread throughout are a valuable element, for we all see and understand much better when details can be explained graphically. The NASA images, without much further discussion, or, too often, ill-conceived conjecture based on old assumptions, say much more than words alone. Tom's own illustrations are clear, artistically done, and convey the appropriate fundamentals of electricity and electrodynamics in a way almost anyone can pick up. The book's organization is clear and concise, and follows a logical path from beginning to end. The nod that is given to the scientists, whom history is apparently trying to relegate to the dust bin, is also appreciated. It is true that unfortunate things have happened as good science has been ignored in the past, but change is now afoot, and this book is an example of the rash of material now appearing, which by presenting relevant elements of the history of scientific revolutions and the discoveries that have arisen from them, opens the door to the inescapable realization that the old order in astro-science will be replaced in a generation or two. This will be the first introduction to the Electric Universe for a lot of people. I think that for many it will be the start of a lifelong change of perspective and knowledge about what kind of Universe we are an intrinsic part of."


U.S.A. Flag Dr Donald E Scott - Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering at the University of Massachusetts/Amherst (retired) and author of "The Electric Sky"

"In general I feel strongly that this book will serve nicely as another brick in the wall of evidence that will be convincing to the average reader. Anyone who has interest enough to read it cannot go away without having the feeling that: the EU has a great deal to offer modern astro-science; the power structure of modern astro-science is reacting irrationally to our suggestions; an honest, intelligent man who does not pretend to have expertise in astro-science, but who does have a deep interest in it wrote this work. The author also clearly has the ability to incisively ferret out subtle errors as well as obvious nonsense arguments and baseless assumptions. The style is very appealing."

U.S.A. Flag William A. Gardner - Professor Emeritus, University of California, Davis

Tom Findlay’s book is a first-class contribution to humanity--a personal yet comprehensive and penetrating view, through the eyes of a bright layman, of the amazing insights into natural science that are awaiting the inquiring mind, regardless of any lack of previous training in science. These insights come from the emerging scientific paradigm shift, from traditional astrophysics and cosmology based on the erroneous assumption that gravity is the dominant force in the Universe to the more scientific interpretation of empirical evidence in which electromagnetic forces dominate in the workings of the Universe. The profound effect this new scientific paradigm will have on mankind's understanding of natural science will almost certainly revolutionize much, if not most, of scientific knowledge gained over the preceding century.  This unique book also exposes mankind’s endless struggle to be true to the code of science embodied in the Scientific Method.  Had this struggle been won 100 years ago, and the Scientific Method adhered to more faithfully since then, there would likely be no need for the upcoming highly disruptive revolution in thought. Tom Findlay is to be congratulated for an important job very well done.


U.S.A. Flag Dr Michael Clarage - Lead Scientist, SAFIRE project

Making a "Beginner's Guide" to Electric Universe ideas is very difficult. Tom pulls it off with just the right balance for audiences that are not well trained in astrophysics. And, even for we trained folk, the book is a very good read, never descending into hand-waving nor reaching for unsatisfying analogies.

Beginner's Guides to EU are difficult because including the causative role of electric fields and currents in physical sciences is very far reaching - reaching to all the physical world. The old astrophysics mantra that cosmic plasma must be charge neutral, aside from being wrong and never based upon any actual measurements, has hampered scientists seeing how Nature works. Nature is ALWAYS separating charges, non-neutrality being a fundamental and ubiquitous mechanism for energy exchange. Pollinating insects always have a higher electrical potential than the flowers they visit. All moons exchange millions of amperes of current with their planets. So writing a "Beginner's Guide" usually starts out with good intent, but soon starts including more and more of the known universe, and soon the author is buckling under the weight of trying to describe a cosmological reformulation. Never an easy thing.


Other Electric Universe friends ...


Netherlands Flag Gerard Bik (Netherlands) - Your website sparkles :-D LOL

Scottish Flag Bill Miller (Scotland) - I admire Tom's dedication to what may be truth! Time will tell and our minds will be expanded.

Scottish Flag Irma Bonfanti (Scotland) - Well done Tom and thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn from your experience.

Colombian Flag Yves (Colombia) - Dear Mr Findlay, I finished reading your fascinating pdf version a few minutes ago. This is masterwork. I can identify immediately with the pain and hardship it took to lay down the obvious to you and to turn it into simple and common sense concepts for the public at large. I shall be in contact with you to add to your research by way of specific documents. Bravo.Yves, from the Yves Report. Nov22,12

Scottish Flag Alan Thomson (Scotland) - To quote a TV program from a long long time ago... "Interesting, very interesting".

Australian Flag Eric Aitchison (Australia) - Been a fan and friend of Wal since Portland, 1995 I think. Cannot wait to buy your book. I read THUNDERBOLTS every day. I'm 76 and still hope to see Wal vindicated.

Bahrain Flag Dave Spittal (Bahrain) - Fantastic book. We owe it to the youth of today to open their eyes to the possibility that we do not know everything and that there is very much still to be learned. I teach physics and this book has made me think very carefully about what I teach and how I teach it.

American Flag ArniK (USA) - Everyone needs to hear about EU. This is a great vehicle in my opinion.

American Flag Kimbal Binder (USA) - I have read the first 20-some pages of your online book and I am truly exited! Many years of study of organisms and fossils but not much research into astrophysics other than buying Spike Psarris' videos and reading a few people like Humphreys and Carmel. Already fascinated...

American Flag Mark Spann (USA) - Hey Tom, long time no talk. I saw your posts on XXXXSect a few weeks back and have been meaning to drop-in, as it, were, and take a look at the final. Saw you posted this in MEUF and decided to pop-in to the site and take a look around. I'll drop you a line from time to time now after reading the book. Glad to have a resource to refer EU newcomers to. Best regards Mark S.

American Flag Matthew C Cox (USA) - Thanks for the work Tom. I've downloaded your book and will be reading it as I attempt to wrap my brain around this new (to me) topic.

American Flag Gregory J Frenkel (USA) - Thank you for writing what seems to echo my thoughts and experience with EU. More response to follow as I read through your book.

Australian Flag Peter Mungo Jupp (Australia) - looks a great site . good luck Peter

Francis MacIsaac (Canada) - I am happy to have found your site. For years I have been interested in electricity and magnetism and their relatioship to each other. Looking forward to reading your book. Finally, a therory to help me increase my knowledge in the EU.

And subsequently from Francis ... Marvellous! A science text book for the masses. The EU model exquisitely removes the oppressive weight, of gravity's tyranny. Brilliant!

American Flag Shelley Wells (USA) - I want my children and grandchildren to start with a sound foundation. We as parents, give our children everything we have to make sure that their start in life is built on OUR lessons learned so they can grow further than we ever could. What you are doing as the Thunderbolts Team, is giving all of our children the ability to participate in the discoveries of science. Most importantly, that we can challenge the "Status Quo" and ask questions because we want to pay it forward, which is a LIFE lesson they will never forget.

Australian Flag Wal Thornhill (Australia) - Congratulations Tom!

Italy Flag Fabio Sau (Italy) - Thank You for your wonderful intro book to the amazing Electric Universe! I have loved reading and reading again every page of it. I look forward to some sort of...Edition II! ^_^ God Bless!
Best Greetings from southern Sardinia, Italy

Scotia Flag Blythe Mitchell (Scotland) - Good to meet you after all these years. I hope those evening meetings at Muirkirk helped to set you on the path to question and seek alternatives to established theories. Best wishes.

India Rohit (India) - Very interested in this view of how things happen and I'm looking forward to reading your book. Thanks...

American Flag Charles Scamman (USA) - Finally a "theory" that makes some sense to the lay person.

Australian Flag Oldavid (Australia) - I look forward to reading your book, Tom. I've long been suspicious of current fads and Einsteinism in particular of recent. I'll be very interested to see if EU is just another attempt to justify a Naturalistic, Materialist impossibility. Kind regards, David

American Flag Bob Quick (USA) - Started looking into the Thunderbolt Project 1 year ago, and the journey continues, forever more ! No black holes, dark matter, dark energy, and the rest of that ******** ! It's ALL electric, and electromagnetic, and just makes sense. It can be scaled up in plasma experiments, in the lab.. The mathimagicians have it ALL wrong ! Since when is anyone allowed to divide by zero, to come up w/ infinity, for the density for a black hole.. ******* !

Scottish Flag Charlie Stewart (Scotland) - Hi Tom, You set yourself a goal some time ago and in my my mind you have achieved just that. The Standard Model simply cannot touch the EU Model for hard facts. I admire your aim of widening out this information to the thinking population. Well done!!

Scottish Flag Alberto Otero (Chile) - I am interested in the EU.

Scottish Flag Hans Koudenburg (Netherlands) - Thanks for the free book!

American Flag Gary Sottile (USA) - Just finished reading the Intro - Like your style, comfortable and thorough. Much to read and looking forward to more feelings of completeness.

Scottish Flag Tristan Sanchez M. (Mexico) - THANK YOU for this book. It is really exciting to access this important and amazing information. Those who have always doubted of the mambo-yambo Dogmas of the Einsteinian Cult, can be happy to know that exists a true scientific theory that really explains most of Universe´s known phenomena. I´m downloading this pdf version, and will also buy the book to encourage and support your Work on Real Knowledge. Gracias Amigo !

Scottish Flag astrotas (Tasmaina) - thx awesome site. [this link suggestion also supplied] http://old.sciencedaily.com/videos/2008/1007-preparing_for_a_walk_on_the_moon.htm

American Flag James M. Kenyon (USA) - I am getting to look into your book and I applaud your working on a very worthwhile project. I know both Wal Thornhill and Don Scott, and many other folks involved in sharing this concept, each one of them has great integrity. I look forward to reading it. Thank you.

British Flag Stephan J (UK) - As an avid lay reader of science, after many years of becoming more and more disillusioned by the proliferating ad-hoc explanations which became ever more unbelievable I too discovered the electric universe alternative paradigm.

British Flag Birgir Johannesson (Iceland) - Dear Tom. I have read your book, thanks for this really good indtroduction. I now know much more what the EU is about. I look forward to learning more about the details. Best wishes, Birgir.

Jim Robinson (Canada) - I too am beginning to favor the EU theories and first read about them 20 year or more ago in the Eric Learner's book called The Big Bang Never Happened (recommended) -- now I have a question: How do Fred Hoyle's theories of the synthesis of the elements fit in with the plasma cosmology approach ? -- I cannot find anywhere to ask this question directly -- perhaps you can help with this -- would be appreciated Thanks.
[ TomF: I answered Jim and also directed him to the user forum at www.thunderbolts.info ].

James Moffat (New Zealand) - Great to see a viable alternative theory to the Gravity Model. I'm telling the kids on our school groups visits to our Observatory about this as it may well rewrite the physics books and our understanding of the Universe.

American Flag Aretia Ganea (Romania) - "Super"

American Flag Anthony Stewart (USA) - I heard about the Electric Universe about two years ago, but felt overwhelmed by the amount of information that I would have to absorb to understand it. This book seems like a great starting point to gain an better understanding of the electric universe for a layman like myself, to whom the Big Bang gravitational theory has been shown to be something quite absurd and filled with politically-motivated pseudo-scientists.

British Flag Felix (UK) - I would urge all to read this book, and thereafter see how easy it is to get swept up and trapped in the nightmare that is the current Standard Model. A must-read if you want to educate yourself further, and best of all, free to quickly download. Check it out.

American Flag Keene F. TiedeMann (USA) - Fascinating! If only all sides in this cosmological debate would WORK TOGETHER, we would discover the truth. (I unreservedly endorse this statement by Keene - Tom Findlay, the author of the book.)

American Flag Nancy Nelson (USA) - I used to feel that the stars were beyond my grasp. Because I never took advanced classes in physics or advanced mathematics, I thought the understanding the behavior of the universe was beyond me - I was automatically excluded from that elite club that understood the complexities of black holes, multiverses, dark matter and other building blocks of reality. But as Einstein said, "God is subtle, but he is not malicious." Thank you for writing your book and giving me back the stars. www.morethanpassingstrange.com

American Flag Darrell Wikowski (San Jose, CA, USA) - Reading your beautifully written and illustrated book. As a welding engineer, the gouges, beads and spatter that I made on steel and aluminium by the arcing welding rod looked much like those on Earth, the Moon and Mars. Yes, of course, you have provided an answer where the academics have not. Thank you for your contribution. I am very grateful for your book. Keep up the great work, sir.

British Flag Nigel Johnstone (UK) - I believe that the scripture clearly teaches us that 'things are made of that which doth not appear'. And also teaches that what does not appear is a matter of living energy. The truth of living energy being the force behind material existence is breathtakingly wonderful. I have an interest in these matters. Nigel.

Lawrence Hearn (Canada) - I'll be recommending this book to many.

Germany Joachim Wilhelm (Germany) - good work ... thanks a lot ... very helpful ...

Craig Power Craig Power (Canada) - Hi Tom, It's hard to explain, but when I finished your book during this summer I felt incredibly happy and satisfied. It's as if I had just read the best "feel good" book on the planet. You do an amazing job connecting the dots and I feel that the 'electric universe' approach to explaining the "stuff" around us is bang on. Um, not in the big bang sort of way though ...  ;-)

If anyone reading my comments has always been perplexed about the "universe" and may feel that they don't know enough to understand, or worse, are not smart enough to understand; READ Tom's book! It's the simple answers that stand up to scrutiny that make you know you've found the right place ... the electric universe.

Damn those pious university bastards for hiding this from us for so long!

Thank you Tom and take care, Craig

Australian Flag Henry Broadbent (Australia) - The electric sky was my start and all the others but I hope this book will be an easier explanation for my friends, family etc to show what is really happening in science.

British Flag Catherine Coney (UK) - Thank you for the time and effort that you have put into presenting this information, in such a logical and interesting manner. Since discovering the EU some years ago, I have attempted to explain the concept to others and good teaching resources are essential, particularly at the beginners level. I hope there are more to come!

British Flag David Sheriff (Brazil) - Have followed this for years....obvious to me a long time ago that the entire Universe Works on frequencies.


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