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From the beginning I was determined that my book would be offered in a form that is free of any cost. This was to circumvent concerns about exchanging money or personal information, an approach that I judged would ensure the book's widest possible distribution within the public domain. I also wanted to have at least the potential for getting something back for my efforts, and this is one reason why, in addition to the free PDF version, I have made available two other versions of the book: an eBook for the digital world, and a full colour printed version for those who prefer having something to hold in their hands.


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The PDF version will always be available free of charge to individuals, and I encourage that copies be made and passed to friends and relations. However, I specifically do not allow the reproduction of this PDF in any form whatsoever that ends up being offered for sale by any person or other entity. The author retains copyright of all original text and graphics in this and all other formats of the book.


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